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Marie Charlotte


Felicitas about LOTTE:

Born in the summer of 1993:

Marie Charlotte Seidel, still a young girl with flaming red hair in her children’s choir days, a herbivore with an excellent, interpersonal sense of humour, an individual and very stylish taste in clothing and a head on her shoulders that will make help her, step by step, to make of her life what she will.

She is the fourth youngest in our group and her unmistakable, soulful Mezzo-soprano allows the jazz side of our ensemble to shine through just a little bit brighter.

Marie lets the impressions and impulses, constantly sent to us humans by the world, freely interact with and on each other. In this way, she proves herself to be the personification of satisfaction.

Marie is one of the most balanced people I know. Her inner peace reaches a place so deep within me that there is nothing else I can do than run free with what I have subconsciously received from her in that moment.

Of course, she was reined in by the misery of school in the early years and it is after this compulsory phase that she began her journey. On one hand, with singing, which she loves to no end, and on the other by exploring her love for the most exciting places in the world. She travelled for half a year across New Zealand, visited countries and cities all over the Far East and as her hair grew, so did her range of experiences.

In the summer of 2013, she began studying Art History in Leipzig.

But as soon as she has some time off and a break from singing, her journey continues, taking her far and wide, till she can call every place her home!


Lotte 2012

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