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Marie Charlotte about FELI:

Felicitas Erben was born on January 22, 1995 and is Sjaella’s sultry Alto.

I still remember the day when she came to the choir practice for the first time, as part of the children’s choir at the Markkleeberg-Ost church parish:

Feli was six years old and had short, wild hair. Practice began as usual with some scales to warm up. All of us obediently stood up from our chairs, but Feli decided to go down on all fours, hide under her chair and hiss like a wild animal. Her eyes shone with playfulness! We all laughed and encouraged by this, she started off with all sorts of shenanigans. Eventually, she had to be sent home because it there was no way to get her to stop her mischief.

On this day, Felicitas stole my heart.

It was as clear as day that her quirky personality was meant to be on stage and I think that her keen sense for the aesthetics of communication has led her to acting.

Felicitas is currently putting her heart and soul into preparing for her ultimate dream – a degree in acting.

She also writes beautiful poems for Sjaella and they will soon be part of our original compositions, something that has been on the table for a while now.


Feli 2012

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