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Viola about LENE:

From among my group of friends, I have known Helene for the longest. I even have an old photo of her at my first birthday party. In fact, we spent our entire childhood together and our favourite game was improvising and making music with our voices. You could call this the founding stone of our a cappella group. Helene went to Weimar to attend the last three years of school at the Schloss Belvedere Music High School and this was the first time that we were apart for a long period of time. To make up for lost time, we travelled extensively after school - Helene is driven by a restless thirst for knowledge, an open outlook and a yearning for foreign lands.

Born on October 18, 1991, Helene is the eldest among us and in many ways, the cornerstone of the group. Not just because she takes on major responsibilities, but also because she uses her laid back, diplomatic but nonetheless incredibly ambitious attitude to set the bar very high for all of us. She is always pursuing new, creative ideas and dreams but at the same time, maintains a realistic view of things. Musically as well, she is our rock. Don’t let her beautiful, dainty exterior fool you – she can sing surprisingly deep. Her powerful, deep vocals are a key element of our sound and I know that we can always count on her.

Helene has been studying Special Needs Education in Leipzig since 2012 and still finds the time to be an active part of the music scene in many different ways. Besides Sjaella, she also performs as a soloist in classical concerts and in a number of bands.


Lene 2012

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