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Helene about VIOLA:

It is sometimes said that those who are good at playing keyboard instruments are not so good with stringed instruments. Viola is clear proof to the contrary because all instruments, be it the viola, piano or harpsichord, come into their own in her hands. However, singing is closest to her heart and led her to the degree she is currently pursuing – Viola has been studying Early Music in Leipzig since October 2013 and is majoring in Historical Singing.

I have known Viola from the day she came into this world on September 4, 1993 and she is not just my closest and best friend, but more like a sister to me. From the very beginning, I have found Viola to be a very creative and extremely musical person, always trying to explore new paths through her different interests – be it on the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela, through her work as a volunteer providing hospice care or as a musician in a number of bands, orchestras and choirs.

Besides her crystal-clear soprano voice, she inspires us with her unbelievable optimism and her nerves of steel, which are often put to test when she leads us in rehearsal. I would also like to add that Viola has undoubtedly sacrificed more than anyone else for our ensemble. Just looking at those bruises from the tuning fork on her hand after concerts… ;-)


Viola 2012

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