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Franziska about MARIE:

Without her, we would find ourselves without a voice:

Our Marie, born on November 29, 1992, lovingly referred to as “Mummy (of the group)” by all of us in Sjaella, always has the necessary soothing medication (for your throat), tissues and anti-anxiety pills close at hand and has thus managed to prevent many a panic attack.

She is surely one of the most reliable people I know – except when it comes to punctuality ;-) – and has an amazing flair for organisation that comes to the rescue of the group, especially in stressful situations! You can always turn to Marie for help if you can’t find your sheet music, don’t know on which platform to catch the train (Sjaella: always eco-friendly!) or need to book an extra ticket.

Right from her school days – and I should know – Marie was a very good speaker. Even when faced with topics where she knew as much as I do about Astrophysics, she could stand at the front of the class and talk for hours. We fall back on this talent of hers in concerts, when we need some introductions or moderation. Depending on the situation, she can spontaneously pull something informative, touching or cheeky out of her sleeve and communicate it to the audience with charm and spirit. Against this background, it seems a bit silly to ask what she is studying – Since the winter semester in 2012, Marie has been studying Speech and Phonology in Halle an der Saale.


Marie 2012

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