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Marie about FRANZI:

My dear Franzi, fondly known as “Ransi” in Sjaella, is one of the most important people in my life. Since the fifth grade, we have mucked around, have dreamed up fantastic worlds, laughed and sung together.

Even then, we were the outsiders in the group as the rest of the ensemble came from Markkleeberg-Ost, while we lived in the west. We also moved to other cities for further studies. Franzi has been studying classical singing in Weimar since October 2013. With suitcase in tow and three rings on each hand, she is always on the move.

Born on March 21, 1993, our Franzi shares her birthday with Johann Sebastian Bach. If that wasn’t enough to lead her down a very musical path, she also comes from a home filled with music. She has been passionately playing the violin from a very early age and began playing the piano a few years ago.

Franzi takes on different responsibilities like management of various internet platforms and accounts – tasks that are essential to the survival of the group and allow the rest of us to sleep better at night. She is also our in-house choreographer. With her grace and svelte moves, none of us can really hold a light to her dancing skills. Her winning smile and performance on stage further consolidate her position as our “leading lady”. As the group motivator and a born optimist, she encourages all of us with her unmatched sense of humour and combines that with a pinch of pragmatism, helping us make a number of good decisions.


Franzi 2012

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